Our Home Learning is set every half term.  The idea is that children have a choice for their home learning, depending on their desires, parent time and learning interest.

All the tasks are ranked by a hot chilli – the ‘Peri-ometer’. The hotter the task the more difficult it is. (We use this language in class as well, you can access a mild, hot or spicy challenge in class).  We expect each child to attempt at least one spicy challenge over the half term.

The Home Learning sheets provide details about weekly expectations for Reading, Spelling and Maths and also provides nine different activities to choose from.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Y1 T1

Y2 T1

Y3 T1

Y4 T1

Y5 T1

Y6 T1


Y1 T2

 Y2 T2

 Year 3

Y4 T2

Y5 T2

Y6 T2


Y1 T3

Y2 T3

Y3 T3

Y4 T3

Y5 T3

Year 6


Y1 T4

Y2 T4

Y3 T4

Y4 T4

Y5 T4

Year 6


Y1 T5

Y2 T5

Y3 T5

Y4 T5

Y5 T5

Year 6


Y1 T6

Y2 T6


Y4 T6

Y5 T6

Y6 T6