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 YR T4 Farming

Year 1

 Y1 T1 Songs  Y1 T2 Superheroes  Y1 T3 Games  Y1 T4 shadow puppets  Y1T5  Y1T6

Year 2

 Y2 T3+4- Room 13  Y2 T3+4- Room 13  Y2T5

Year 3

 Y3 T3+4 Room 13   Y3 T3+4 Room 13  Y3T5  Y3T6

Year 4

 Y4 T1+2 Room 13  Y4 T1+2 Room 13  Yr4 T3 Games  Yr4 T4 – Farming  Y4T5  Y4T6

Year 5

Y5 T1+2 Mary Poppins Y5 T1+2 Mary Poppins Y5 T3+4 Farming

Y5 T3+4 Farming

Year 6  Y6 T3+4 Romans Y6 T3+4 Romans SATS