The Mill Primary Academy

PolishWe are extremely proud to announce the new and exciting launch of a new scheme called Young Interpreters. We have a fantastic group of EAL (English as an Additional Language) children, who have excellent English as well as being able to speak fluently in their home language. Over the last four weeks, the children have successfully completed some intense training and active workshops and are now fully trained and ready to begin their work around our school. Their roles will include assisting new EAL children in class, being a great ‘Buddy’ and role model, translating for both our children and their teachers and showing new families around the school. They will be noticeable around the school, by wearing a special hat and badge and having a special pack with their materials with them at break, lunch and during the school as required. The children in our school will soon all become aware of our Young Interpreters and we are very much looking forward to this being a truly exciting and successful scheme to have in our school.

Emma Gordon (EAL Leader)