• Sewing in Room 13 (25.01.18)
    Posted: 29-01-18
    Hi Everyone Hope you had a great day! Despite being closed in the morning, we......
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  • Room 13 Textiles
    Posted: 18-01-18
    The sewing machine was whirring today – we made these very sweet mixed media textile......
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  • Learning about Antoni Gaudi!
    Posted: 09-11-17
    Special mention to Sam and Addison from Hokusai who both put in a tremendous amount......
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  • Animal Friends!
    Posted: 20-10-17
    We spent the day creating mixed media animals.  We used collage, ink pen, brusho and......
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  • Paint like Nancy!
    Posted: 19-10-17
    It’s great news that we were full, but sadly we had to turn children away......
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  • Exhibitions and Auditions!
    Posted: 26-05-17
    Hi Everyone Hope you all had a great day! It was a good, busy day......
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  • Room 13 Open Afternoon!
    Posted: 27-04-17
    Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great day! The Room 13 committee worked very hard......
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  • Stepping into Spring in Room 13!
    Posted: 30-03-17
    Hi Everybody, Hope you had a great day today! It’s amazing what children can draw......
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  • Quentin Blake and Painting With Mops!
    Posted: 30-03-17
    Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great day! This morning with Year 2 students, we......
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  • A busy day of screen printing!
    Posted: 01-12-16
    Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great day!  Today we managed to get some stunning......
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