The Mill Primary Academy

At The Mill Primary Academy everything we do is underpinned by our core visions and values. Our focus is on learning and the key life skills that are necessary to make all pupils successful learners, both academically and personally, today and throughout their lives. We aim to develop confident learners, who take ownership of their learning and who are proud of their achievements.

We are a vibrant mixed community who work hard together and have fun together while learning. We welcome parents to be true partners in their children’s education. We promote academic success whilst building children’s belief in themselves. We show and model to them how to learn so that they have these skills for life.

The core values that are central to our ethos are:

  • Honesty – be honest about your strengths and where you need to ask for help.
  • Ambition – keep improving.
  • Positivity – remember to say well done to yourself and others.
  • Perseverance – don’t give up.
  • Imagination – be curious.
  • Empathy – think of others and how you can impact on them.
  • Respect – value and see the excellence in other people.