School Council – Giving children a voice

We are a child-centred school, where every child genuinely has a voice in their life and learning. The School Council was established as a means for the children to make a positive contribution to the continued improvement of the school. Meetings take place regularly with a set agenda and two representatives from each class.  They also act as the ‘pupil voice’ which is when they speak for all of the children in the school.

Throughout the year, we have already started the process of beginning an eco-friendly school and we have divided into four sub committees which help different parts of the school.  One of our aims is to host events and to raise money.

We have a Chairman and Vice Chairman who are the head of school council.   We also have a ‘Pupil Champion’ teacher – Mrs Gordon. We also have other amazing teachers including: Mrs Lakeman, Mrs Mechen. Miss Jones and Mrs Webb.

Head Girl and Boy

Head Girl: Jenny                      Head Boy: Yusef

The Head boy and Head girl were chosen for their positive attitudes towards their learning, their social interactions and their role modelling. Their overall characteristics and attitudes help us move towards creating a better learning environment here at The Mill. You will see them around the school sporting their Mill Masters jumpers and ties.  Their role is to support adults, for example by helping to run celebration assemblies, school tours, suppporting events.


Young Interpreters

We are extremely proud of our Young Interpreters scheme. We have a fantastic group of EAL (English as an Additional Language) children, who have excellent English as well as being able to speak fluently in their home language. Children have successfully completed some intense training and active workshops and are now fully trained and ready to begin their work around our school. Their roles will include assisting new EAL children in class, being a great ‘Buddy’ and role model, translating for both our children and their teachers and showing new families around the school. They will be noticeable around the school, by wearing a special hat and badge and having a special pack with their materials with them at break, lunch and during the school as required.

Emma Gordon (EAL Leader)

Group photo


As a Young Interpreter (YI), our role is to help children learn English. These particular children are called EALs, which means ‘English is an Additional Language’ for them. Amazingly, we also arrange meetings to host events, which helps them learn new English. Usually, the children are paired up with Interpreters who speak their language but we also have English volunteers too.  We use a set plan to help us understand what we are meant to do throughout the week and it informs our incredible YI leaders, Tia and Makenzie, what we have been up to.

During the meetings, we talk about issues that get out of hand and we also share praises about the children we support.  Though this responsibility is important, it doesn’t and shouldn’t clash with our learning.