The Mill Primary Academy
The Mill Primary Academy
The Mill Primary Academy

We want to be forever proud of our achievements by all our children past and present and all our staff past and present.

This vision statement is a chance to remember why we are here; how important we are; how influential we can be and how much freedom and responsibility we have. EVERYONE has a large impact on the children’s experience and perception of adults: how to behave; how to communicate; how to be.

We aim to provide a stimulating and vibrant learning community. Constantly improving and providing children with experiences that develop perseverance, ambition and optimism will enable our students to have a good grasp of skills and inspire them to be significant contributors to world society in their future.

We want our staff to love their job and make their choice of profession to be a choice they are proud of and a workplace they enjoy and take pride in working in.

We have and want our children to have high expectations. We will learn from mistakes and turn them into success by creating independent children who have enquiring minds. Through developing confidence, pride and respect we will all support and encourage, listen and innovate through clear direction on our journey to brilliance.

Our whole school vision is encapsulated in the phrase Forever Proud.

We aim to provide a learning journey for the mind by aiming high; expanding minds; instilling self-belief and raising expectations.