H.A.P.P.I.E.R Values



We want all children to be HONEST about their strengths, we value mistakes as they will help everyone to learn.


The AMBITION is to constantly improve the environment and facilities to stimulate learning.


The PERSEVERANCE to make it better are qualities we encourage from the very beginning.


An innovative project that helps promote ambition, perseverance and imagination by being POSITIVE.

High quality displays show pride in work from children and adults and reflect the POSITIVITY we bring the Mill through those two simple words – ‘Well done.’



We get inspiration from everywhere. Around every corner we want to stimulate the IMAGINATION and curiosity we are all born with.


Creating learning in all we do is a key to children becoming beyond the person they expect of themselves. Key to that is creating EMPATHY with others.


Working together and physical play is important to us. Teaching empathy and RESPECT and helping people see the excellence in every person is what we promote every day.

Our chickens teach children about looking after animals, care, RESPECT and where eggs come from!