Learning from home

In order to continue our students education from home we have a few things in place.

Firstly, each child will have come home with a paper ‘pack’ of learning to complete at home.

Secondly, we have set up a Google Site for each year group where our class teachers will post work for their students to complete. See our Google Site page of this website for more information on this or click here .

Finally, we have this page of our website.

Please use all of the following information to help your child to continue learning at home. If they are older they may be able to navigate this themselves. Before starting, it may be a good idea to plan a timetable together. Younger children will need this doing for them and older children may be able to do this themselves. This is also a good opportunity for your children to help with the day to day running of your home, for example helping to make meals. Make sure to plan breaks into the day and enjoy learning alongside your child.




Home Learning Medley 

At The Mill, we encourage that our students continue their learning outside of school. Each term they are encouraged to complete work and activities from their home. Click here for the latest learning medley.






Please encourage your child to continue reading whilst at home. Maybe try making an exciting environment e.g. making a reading den or reading tent and a torch.

Click here for our reading at home page







At The Mill we have are lucky to be involved with lots of online maths platforms. Please encourage your child to continue going on the following websites:



https://play.numbots.com (Same login as times table rockstars)

Click here for our maths at home page







Writing is an important aspect of your child’s life and while children do lots of literacy based activities at school (e.g. writing, reading, handwriting, phonics), there are lots of ways that you can support your child at home.

Click here for our writing at home page







At The Mill, we encourage a love of science through a range of scientific enquiries.

Click here for our science at home page







  • Write an autobiography of your life so far. Maybe draw pictures of things you have done; people you have met; places you have visited etc.
  • Create a family tree dating back as far as you can with facts about each person in your family. 


  • Try writing letters and drawing pictures for a local nursing home as they are not allowed visitors right now. You could become pen pals with someone. 
  • Make a ‘visitors guide’ to your local area e.g. Ifield. List all of the things they would need to know e.g. Ifield’s history, a map, things to do locally, where to find things like shops, parks, swimming pools etc. 


  • Make a ‘How to become a…’ guide for the job you would like to do when you are older e.g. police person, fire person, engineer, farmer, sports coach etc. Think about what hobbies and interests you will need to focus on, what schooling you would need to work hard in and what steps you would have to take after you finish school.
  • Help with the day-to-day running of your house. This could be making meals, fixing things etc. Ask your adults what you can hep with and what you can learn. 



Very simply, geography is about understanding the world by: comparing locations; investigating; researching different sources; writing and talking about places; asking and answering questions. The National Geographic website is a brilliant place for your child to explore and discover lots of interesting things about the world around them. Whilst researching they can create information texts about animals, persuasive texts on why people should visit somewhere and much more. Enjoy!

Click here for the National Geographic Kids Website 







PE is arguably a significant subject in primary schools. At The Mill we use a REAL PE that has a digital platform called Jasime. They are in the process of creating something for parents to have access to at home. In the mean time we can point you in the direction of two useful sources.

Firstly, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), has a YouTube channel for ‘Kids Workouts to do at Home’. He has just announced that he will be doing live workouts for children, every morning at 9am on his YouTube channel.

Click here to view these. 

Following on from this, your child(ren) could have a go at creating their own workout video.

If you are wanting something more mindful and relaxing, there is Cosmic Kids Yoga. Children from 3+ years can be taken on a creative yoga adventure.

Click here to visit her YouTube page. 

Phunky Food have given open access to their website to allow parents and children to enjoy some health and well-being activities, recipes and learning from home. Home Learning Content at www.phunkyfoods.com/parents.






Art is a big part of who we are at The Mill. Each class is named after an artist and our students begin each school year doing an artist study about their class. We have a detailed knowledge and skill based art curriculum that the students build on year by year. If you can continue this learning at home that would be fantastic!

Click here for our art at home page






Virtual school trip:

Since it is becoming difficult to get outside, here are some virtual tours of various locations from zoos to the moon! Click the links below to go on a virtual adventure:


Yellowstone National Park 



The Louvre

The Great Wall of China




Click here for a list of free resources for parents and carers during school closures.

Our curriculum is bespoke to us and is driven by the fact that we want children to leave the Mill secure in their own identity; familiar with their own community and sense of family; skilled in making connections with friends and the wider world.
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