Finger knitting takes hold

March 4, 2016 Published by

The large artwork on wood with the words ‘Room 13’ & arrow that’s to go in the hallway is nearly ready to go up.

ITV are coming at 10am to film committee doing some artwork, get a few interviews with them, possibly interview and adult or 2.

Very healthy attendance Thursday – 23 kids during class time spread evenly across morning and afternoon.  All the classes came in the slots they were supposed to.  I had Lichtenstein for the first time.  Attendees enjoyed themselves but discovered they did not like cleaning up afterwards so much!

Lunchtime last week we did finger knitting – gave out a house point each to Ethan and Rocco who were STARS of finger knitting and showed huge patience and perseverance in learning and continuing with it.  I have set the children the challenge to see if they can finger knit a piece long enough to wrap round the main school building (all their individual pieces tied together).  Let’s see if they do any at home in the meantime.  It’s a very relaxing pastime for them if they do keep on with it.

I think that’s it for now.  See you Thursday!