Herve Tullet

April 21, 2016 Published by

Today at lunchtime we did a Herve Tullet inspired activity and it worked well – the children had a lot of fun and the results were nice considering we did it in a short burst over a lunchtime.

This afternoon we had 16 children in Room 13 – Da Vinci, Riley, Van Gogh. We did experimental sketches of the hens outside – drawing with our eyes closed and working with colour on top of someone else’s pencil or charcoal sketch. I told them that these sketches will help to inform the piece that we are making for the corridor in order to try and get them encouraged into coming back and seeing their skills progress. We talked about how it felt to draw with our eyes closed (most of them found it relaxing) and about how to really pay attention when someone talked about their artwork as it’s really special that they are sharing a piece of their self expression with us. A couple of them admitted feeling stressed or anxious when they sat down to sketch and I told them they got brownie points for being brave enough to admit it.