A super day in Room 13!

October 13, 2016 Published by

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great day

We had a busy day in Room 13 today:

3 x Goldsworthy, 3 x Lichtenstein, 6 x Hokusai, 5 x Rousseau, 3 x Da Vinci.

We had to shut at lunchtime in order to clean! And also for the committee to get together to write their rules.

Year 2 & 3 students learned about composition in the morning in a very simplified way – how to use the space in their page effectively including questioning whether the sky is just a blue strip across the top of the page. They also experimented with their mark making – having a go at mixing charcoal, pastels and chalks to see what effects they could get. Very good behaviour and lots of concentration, special mention to Vinoj & Yussef  who were tidy and really committed to what they were doing.

In the afternoon the older students learned 8 head figure drawing, which they found really quite difficult. They showed a lot of persistence and kept going right to the end of the day – special mention to Toby  who put a huge amount of effort into his work.

The committee had their first meeting this morning which went really well, and they all seem really enthusiastic.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Kind regards