A busy day of screen printing!

December 1, 2016 Published by

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great day!

 Today we managed to get some stunning results from our efforts with screen printing!

Today we had 3 x Goldsworthy, 4 x Hokusai, 6 x Moore, 4 x Da Vinci, 1 x Riley, 6 x Rousseau.  Very sorry I had to turn the Mondrian children away in the afternoon – we were full to the brim ☹

 The star in Room 13 this week is definitely Maybelle.  She is doing a stunning job on the committee and has run the lunchtime activity over the past 2 weeks.  She is mature, responsible, always trying to learn new ways of doing things better – future prime minister??!

Next week I’ll be in on Wednesday & Thursday and they will be my last days for the term.  I’ll be installing a Sonia Delaunay inspired display in a central part of the school so you can see all the lovely work the children have been doing over the term.  Wednesday morning I’ll be doing some stop motion animation with Year 4.

Quote of the day from one of the children (I think it was Holly) ‘without art the world would be like a desert’.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Kind regards,