Food in Painting!

October 7, 2016 Published by

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great day! 

Room 13 went really really well today.  Thanks to Year 2 & 3 teachers for tips and advice, also for sending the children down in the morning – we had only year 2 & 3 before lunch and this worked much better as the children had more guided time.

We looked at the use of food in painting (following on from drawing vegetables last week and continuing with our theme of using the everyday) – our main example was a painting by Ed Ruscha that contains coffee, mustard, ketchup and other foods.  We had a go at making our own work using blackberries, spinach and other items.  The result was really quite effective and is up in the Room 13 corridor – make sure to give it a sniff as it smells spicy!  The children were really interested about whether or not the work would go mouldy – let’s wait and see!

In the afternoon we had some year 3 students and then 4 girls from Van Gogh who were very interested to learn more about famous artists.  We looked at quite a few and they exclaimed that they didn’t know there were so many female artists – going on to ask why there was only one class named after a female artist (Riley).  I told them that was a question they needed to ask of Mr Lecuyer or Mr Small!  They spent the afternoon creating Georgia O’Keefe inspired flowers.


In total today we had:

3 x Goldsworthy, 4 x Lichtenstein, 5 x Hokusai, 6 x Mondrian, 4 x Van Gogh.  At least 30 at lunchtime.


Look forward to seeing you all again next week.

 Kind regards,