Goldsworthy Sculptures

May 5, 2016 Published by

We had a lovely afternoon with 13 children today. We watched a clip about Andy Goldsworthy from the recent BBC 4 Art In Nature programme – the children all admired him and thought he was a ‘positive thinker’. We also watched a little bit about Richard Long’s walking art and discussed whether we thought it was art or not – the children said most definitely yes as they felt he had used his imagination!

We then spent the afternoon outside making Goldsworthy inspired sculptures from whatever we could find. The children took very different approaches – a few of the boys built dens – Ethan told me he had been wanting to do this for ages. Luka used a tree as his main structure and built an elaborate home for birds to live in. Jack built a wedding arch. Adam took ages to get 3 sticks to balance together in the shape that he wanted.

We discovered a family of frogs and after a bit of shrieking everyone calmed down and returned their ‘sculptures’ to where they had found them in order to make a home for the frogs. They learned the word ephemeral and that it could be used to describe art that was temporary.