Learning from Jeremy Deller

May 26, 2016 Published by

Monday we had an extra day in Room 13 this week due to the brand new library opening. We had children from the following classes: 3 from Riley, 3 from Rousseau, 5 from Van Gogh and 1 from Miro. We had an exciting afternoon creating various space themed wall pieces which are now adorning the Room 13 corridors and looking absolutely brilliant.

Today we had 6 pupils from Van Gogh, 2 from Rousseau, 1 from Miro. Van Gogh class are definitely our best customers!! We learned about artist Jeremy Deller who won the Turner prize in 2004 but who was not even allowed to sit his Art O Level because his drawing and painting was considered to be so poor. Rather than being put off by this, Jeremy invents his own ways of making art which includes collaborating with others, staging events and making films. He proves that as long as you have vision you can make great work, even if you lack some of the skills.

We spent the day making group collage pieces from all the artwork that gets left behind or unfinished in Room 13 – one piece was so effective it is now framed and hanging in the corridor.

Look forward to next term – have a lovely break!