Poms poms and shadow boxes

March 24, 2016 Published by

Another bustling day of bright ideas in Room 13 🙂

In the morning we had three adorable students from Lichtenstein – they told me that when they are being creative ‘it takes away all my worries like when my goldfish died’. Aston was so proud of his finished creation that he announced to me – ‘I have imagination that I never thought I had!’ They were soon followed by 3 students from Goldsworthy.

At lunchtime we kept the numbers to around 15 as we made pom pom Love Bugs which were quite tricky – especially for year 1&2 who needed a lot of help. This was a good task to build on team work skills as the older children helped the younger children and no-one started until everyone had their cut out paper circles. Special mention goes to Megan (Year 2) who managed to completely finish her Love Bug – she was one of the few who did and I thought this was especially good at her age.

In the afternoon we were busy with 3 students from Riley, 3 from Rousseau and 3 from Da Vinci. We were focussing on making shadow boxes and creating a mini world inside (our source of inspiration was Joseph Cornell). Special mention goes to Maybelle who created an absolutely stunning piece of work – one of the best since we started Room 13. She earned 5 house points for her efforts.