Sewing in Room 13 (25.01.18)

January 29, 2018 Published by

Hi Everyone

Hope you had a great day!

Despite being closed in the morning, we still managed to have a busy day in Room 13.  The following children attended:

3 x Moore, 7 x Mondrian, 1 x Van Gogh, 1 x Miro, 4 x Riley, 2 x Da Vinci.

Big shout outs to:

Cameron  – EXCELLENT sewing skills, and even better helping other children to master their skills too – a real trooper!

Melissa  – mastered free machine embroidery on the sewing machine – a skill that most adults would find tricky (picture attached).

Carla  – again, excellent sewing skills, patience, perseverance at getting her piece of work finished and well executed.

I will not be here next week sadly. But back in again 8th February!

See you soon.

Kind regards,