Sculpture with pipe cleaners?

March 4, 2016 Published by


Another great day in Room 13 🙂

We now have a small ‘Imagination Gallery’ with a focus on sculpture in the shower room at the back of Room 13.  I have moved the vast majority of the PTA’s bits and pieces into the cupboard next to the hall/stage.  Quite a bit of furniture remains I need help to sort and move…

I sent an email this morning to the teachers from Room 13 committee to let them know the lunchtime activity, that the theme is sculpture for the half term and inviting everyone to visit the mini gallery and also to add pictures of their own favourite sculptures.  I have ordered some library books from ESCC library (Hastings library shut for refurbishment), as these arrive I’ll bring them in and I’ve left a couple of my own books in there.  I also found a load of old-ish looking art books which are now in a rack.

We were busy as usual – 6 in the morning from Mondrian and Lichenstein.  Very special mention goes to Eden who spent ages modelling a face out of clay, drawing and writing about it.  I noticed that now that we have a focus and are only doing sculpture, we were forced to spend longer finishing our work and making it better.  I showed the children how to use the modelling tools to blend edges and explained that if they put pieces together without doing this then as soon as the clay dried the bits would fall off.  They really understood this and took great pride in smoothing everything.

Lunchtime went well, as usual we were at capacity but 4 committee members (Chenai, Adam, Daisy & Destiny) helped run the activity which they regularly do now and it all went smoothly.  The pupils created a pipe cleaner installation of sculptures.

In the afternoon I had 10 pupils from Van Gogh, Rousseau and Da Vinci.  What was great was that they all arrived at the same time and were able to stay until the end so we had a good chunk of time to work.  They made newspaper armatures and some even started to add the papier mache on the top.  They have left them in the gallery and I explained that it would be a different activity next week but that they could come back and work on that piece as part of an ongoing project if they wanted.  There was much discussion about how they were going to get their teacher to let them come back again and I explained that they might have to explain quite carefully to the teacher that they had an ongoing project and what could they do to earn time back in Room 13.

Overall I definitely noticed that the children were much more focused this week and I think that it helped that they had less options.  There was the odd cry for spray paints but I think they all pretty much know that that ship has sailed for the time being!

I have not forgotten about the Awards For All bid – I’m working on it in my spare time.
Also, the cafe artwork – Phil is going to get me some wood.
Finally – a plea for Alex to put up the Room 13 artwork in the hallway!  I’m quite worried it’s going to get ruined.  I’m sure he has a million and one things to do so I’ve asked Phil to sweet talk him.

See you next week.