What Art Is For

May 12, 2016 Published by

Busy day in Room 13 today. This morning we had 5 children from Lichtenstein, 3 from Goldsworthy and our very first student from Year 1 – Hockney class. It all went very well and the children looked at what art is for and made some work inspired this. I was hesitant to cover this topic with students so young but I was amazed by how naturally philosophical they were and how much they grasped the concepts. They were able to talk to me about difficult things that had happened such as a loved one dying, and completely understood how they might use art to help them process some of the tough feelings they might have to encounter.

In the afternoon we had 5 children from Van Gogh, 1 from Miro and 2 from Rousseau. Special mention goes to Destiny and Katie who wrote all afternoon about our work involving the hens and how we set up Room 13. Their work will get printed onto foam board this week and get mounted alongside artwork.

We had a chat about confidence in our work as at least one student had been struggling with this and I pointed out that many great artists struggle to have confidence in their work – in fact this can usually be turned into a positive as a lack of confidence can make us look more deeply at our work and make it better.