Year 4 – Shrek Adventure

May 24, 2017 Published by


Year 4 went on a trip to Shrek Adventure, London.  As part of our topic, the children were considering their own identity, and connections that we have with others.  We used Shrek Adventure to:

  • Consider each of the characters’ identities
  • How we judge people on first impressions
  • Why we should use empathy to put ourselves in other peoples shoes, before judging and labeling them

We also took advantage of the beautiful London skyline to develop our sketching and shading skills from the work we have done in class.  Aside from this work, we also recorded our timetable during the day to continue back at school, learning how to read and analyse timings, and to interpret time in graph form.

Sara, who loves art, stated “Look at my work, I tried to get the boat coming into my picture as part of my 1/3 composition”

Millie commented “I loved the bus ride (4d cinema), my favorite bit was when Kung-Fu Panda was flying next to us”