Year 5 – Fishers Farm

May 26, 2017 Published by


Year 5 went on a trip to Fishers Farm. As part of our topic, we had been making connections in the journey of farm to fork and the impact that our food choices have on communities. We used Fishers Farm to:

  • Investigate use of allotments or other small spaces can be used to harvest crops
  • Consider how farming has modernised in the last century and has moved away from the traditional working farm
  • Make informed, educated and ethical choices about the food we eat.

We also took advantage of the beautiful facilities to develop our awareness of how animals are kept in a smallholding.

Ciara said, “It’s amazing the crops that can be yielded from such a small plot of land.”

Miles, “I enjoyed seeing the variety of animals and seeing how Fishers Farm has learnt to attract visitors today.”