Academic Year 2023 – 2024
Term 1
Friday 1st September – Friday 20th October 2023
Inset Days: Friday 1st and Friday 29th September 2023 – school closed.
First day back after the summer break: Monday 4th September 2023.
Half term
Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October 2023
Term 2
Monday 30th October – Friday 15th December 2023
Monday 18th December – Friday 29th December 2023
Term 3
Tuesday 2nd January – Friday 9th February 2024
Bank Holiday: Monday 1st January 2024 – school closed.
Inset Day: Tuesday 2nd January 2024 – school closed.
First day back after the holidays: Wednesday 3rd January 2024.
Half term
Monday 12th February – Friday 16th February 2024
Term 4
Monday 19th February – Friday 29th March 2024
Inset Day: Monday 19th February 2024 – school closed.
Bank Holiday: Friday 29th March 2024 – school closed.
First day back after half term: Tuesday 20th February 2024.
Last day before holidays: Thursday 28th March 2024.
Monday 1st April – Friday 12th April 2024
Bank Holiday: Monday 1st April 2024.
Term 5
Monday 15th April – Friday 24th May 2024
Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May 2024 – school closed.
Half term
Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May 2024
Bank Holiday: Monday 27th May 2024.
Term 6
Monday 3rd June – Tuesday 23rd July 2024
Inset Days: Monday 3rd June and Monday 1st July 2024 – school closed.
First day back Tuesday 4th June 2024.
Summer Holiday
Wednesday 24th July – Friday 30th August 2024
Inset Days to be confirmed for the school year 2024/25.
Inset Days
Friday 1st September 2023
Friday 29th September 2023
Tuesday 3rd January 2024
Monday 19th February 2024
Monday 3rd June 2024
Monday 1st July 2024


Bank Holidays 2023/24
25th & 26th December 2023
1st January 2024
29th March & 1st April 2024
6th May 2024
27th May 2024
26th August 2024
Our curriculum is bespoke to us and is driven by the fact that we want children to leave the Mill secure in their own identity; familiar with their own community and sense of family; skilled in making connections with friends and the wider world.
Pupil Premium
The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities. We continuously reflect on the best practice there is available in order to have the greatest impact.
Our regular newsletters are one of many ways that we celebrate their amazing successes, hard work and adventures. We always love to share how 'Forever Proud' we are of the children in The Mill community.