Drawing Day

July 13, 2016 Published by

Lovely, gentle Drawing Day in Room 13 today.  I had 3 students from Da Vinci in the morning who were joined by 2 students from Van Gogh in the afternoon.

Everyone was impeccably behaved and extremely engaged – concentration was high and there was a really good quality of learning – probably due to the small numbers.

We drew figures using 8 head proportion technique and then built on that with basic anatomical drawing.  We also went outside and practiced drawing perspective – this is extremely hard and is really for GCSE or A Level students.  I was highly impressed with their concentration and their ability to grasp the concept of angles and vanishing points.

I wrote down some of the comments they made today:

‘I like drawing because it stops me from thinking about problems. If you’re stuck on a question and angry about it you can stop and draw. It calms me down. When I go back the question is easy. Sometimes I draw someone who is stuck like me and I think about what advice I would give them.’