Exhibitions and Auditions!

May 26, 2017 Published by

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great day!

It was a good, busy day in Room 13 – thank you for sending so many students!

We had: 5 x Van Gogh, 3 x Goldsworthy, 4 x Mondrian, 3 x Lichtenstein, 1 x Miro, 2 x Moore, 3 x Riley, 1 x Da Vinci, 4 x Rousseau.

At lunch time the committee held auditions for children who want to take part in the end of year art exhibition – 12 children were selected and have been informed.  They will either take part in the exhibition as ‘living paintings’ or they will act as guides for parents round the exhibition.




We worked on junk modelling today – inspired by the sculptures of Karel Appel.


These models will get painted when we get back after election day.




Have a great half term – see you in a couple of weeks!

Kind regards,